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back to school

Our first days of school...
The High Schoolers
The Middle Schooler
The Kindergartners
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Mrs. Bell

Meet Jim Henson

My youngest son, Casey, did his biography report on Jim Henson. 
Here is a picture of "Jim Henson" at The Live Biography Museum...
He was soooo nervous and excited about his report and is sad that it is over.
{I am soooo excited that I have helped complete my last 3rd grade biography report:)}

Mrs. Bell

It's Great to Be 8!!

This was a big week for Casey Bell...
He turned 8 on Monday and had a speaking part in his 2nd grade musical on Wednesday!

Brian's 12th Birthday

After having a fever for 5 days, strep throat and missing 7 days of school...we finally got to celebrate Brian's 12th birthday with a sleepover. At 3:30am I threatened to separate them if they did not go to sleep...glad that I have Presidents' Day off to recover from this event.

2010 Memories

Because I haven't scrapbooked since 1999 I decided to pick my favorite photos from 2010 and make a Smilebox. Doing this made me realize that my New Year's resolution needs to be to take more pictures of my boys.
Happy New Year!!
Mrs. Bell and The Bell Boys
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Happy 15th Birthday Jack!

Jack is 15 today!! I have one year to get ready for the day that he will drive off behind the wheel of a car by himself. So proud of the amazing young man that he has become.
Happy Birthday my little kurmudgeon!!

Everyday Heroes

Our 2nd graders are focusing on everyday heroes throughout the year. Our school had an assembly to honor some of the everyday heros in our community and school...our crossing guards, reading volunteers, the men that built our new football stadium and a student that persevered after an accident. One of these everyday heroes was my mom who volunteers in my classroom and our school and makes quilts for our school auction. Casey had the honor of introducing her and my class was so excited that she was honored. Hip, hip, hooray for our everyday hero, my mom, Mrs, Dempsey, who a few students like to call grandma:)

One In Each Building

Jack waiting on the bus to his first day of high school.

Brian off to his first day of 6th grade at the Middle School.

Casey's first day of second grade at the elementary.
We are hoping that Mrs. Prater will survive having
the third and final Bell Boy in her class:)

On our first 1/2 class days of kindergarten we drew lines during writing workshop after we read Lines That Wiggle, read The Night Before Kindergarten and wrote about what we did the night before kindergarten, practiced reading to ourselves during Daily 5, had pretzels for snack, colored our lunch magnets, played tic-tac-toe on the SMART board, made play dough and played in our room and outside. Looking forward to Monday when we are all together for the first time!

Casey's 7th Birthday

A day off school, a trip to the aquarium, 7th place at the district Pinewood Derby, a new bike, a gumball machine from Mawmaw, 2 cards with money in them and dinner at Quaker Steak and Lube...who could ask for more on their 7th birthday weekend?
A 7 year old of course!

Brian's 11th Birthday

We celebrated Brian's 11th birthday at Dave and Buster's last night. Who knew that Dave and Buster's would be a big Valentine's Day destination? It was very crowded, very loud, but Brian was very happy.

Casey Start Your Engine!!!!

At the Pinewood Derby today Casey came in 1st in the Tiger race...then he came in 1st in the Pack race...and now he is off to districts! Life does not get any better than this when you are 6!
Check out this car...
Check out this smile...
Oh how I love this boy and his fast car!

14 years ago today...

14 years ago today after 36 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing this little "kermudgin" came into the world. As a baby, he loved to listen to stories, ride on his dad's back while he mowed the lawn and would spit the meat out of his baby food.
14 years later he loves to play soccer, is an amazing artist and is finally starting to eat some meat.
Happy Birthday Jack!
We love you more than bubble gum, strawberries and M&Ms!
♥Mom and Dad

First Day of School

Jack and Brian Bell

Here are 2 of the 3 Bell Boys on the first day of school. These 2 headed off to the middle school, one "king of the hill" as an 8th grader and one "bottom of the barrel" as a 5th grader. Brian's excitement of going off to middle school quickly came to and end when he couldn't open his locker. (A trauma that will surely stay with him for the rest of his life.) There are no pictures of Casey because he did not want to go to school and wanted nothing to do with getting his picture taken. His first day of school started with him having to be surgically removed from me, but he quickly recovered and had a great day:)

Paige and Mrs. Bell

Our first days of kindergarten went smoothly. We drew pictures of what we did this summer during Writing Workshop, played tic-tac-toe in math, read The Night Before Kindergarten and made our own book about what we did the night before kindergarten. I enjoyed getting to know all of the children this week. I can tell it is going to be a great year in kindergarten!