constitution day 2014

(Thank you Pinterest for our classroom constitution inspiration!)
Our Classroom Constitution was signed by our Founding Fathers.
 Mrs. Bell

this week in kindergarten

giant map makers...
 Lego creator...
 theater performers...
 Chicka tree maker...
 little scientists...
Mrs. Bell

simple sorting mats

This week we worked on sorting objects into sets.
We sorted by size, color and shape.
We sorted buttons by size...
 We sorted letters by color...
We sorted attribute blocks by shape...
You can get these simple sorting mats in my
Mrs. Bell

our classroom monster

Meet our classroom monster, Joe the Monster...
We wrote to our principal about our classroom rules.
A lot of my students wrote about the need to work quietly.
OK, maybe I guided them in that direction just a little.
Our principal responded by sending us a package that include a letter, an "our monster" page and some monster posters. 
He also sent us a Classroom Monster to watch over 
our class and report back to him. 
We were over the moon excited and got busy right away naming our monster. Fricky, Blueberry and Three Eyes were all in the running, but Joe was the winning name. 
 It should be no surprise that we had the quietest 
workshop times ever after the arrival of Joe. 
We are looking forward to Joe's first report.

Get your own Classroom Monster HERE.
There are monster cutouts included in the pack,
or you can order an Uglydoll to use as your monster...
Mrs. Bell

theater thursday

Today we performed "Everyone Loves Books"
based on the story
Mrs. Bell

what day is it?

I am changing up my theme days a little this year. 
You can read more about previous theme days HERE.

We performed "My Colorful Shoes" 
last Theater Thursday.
We performed "Rocking in My School Shoes" 
this week for Theater Thursday.
We are having a blast performing reader's theaters!
Mrs. Bell