Bucks or Ducks

We live in Ohio, so I am hoping that the The Ohio State Buckeyes win the 
National Championship tonight. Today I asked my students who they wanted to win the game. Even though we live in Ohio, there were many 5 and 6 year olds that were swayed by Oregon's Donald Duck mascot and decided to cheer for the Ducks.
The final result of our graph...8 want the Ducks to win and 13 want the Bucks to win. 
Can't wait to see who wins.
Mrs. Bell


Here are our promises for the New Year.
I told Christopher that he could also do my laundry. 
I told all the cleaners that they can come to my house any time. 
You can download this balloon for free HERE.

Mrs. Bell

happy new year balloon freebie

Happy New Year!
Download the balloon and have your students 
make a promise for the new year…
first day back, simple as that.
Download this activity in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store
Mrs. Bell

MobyMax Giveaway

Enter to win MobyMax for your students to practice their skills. 
No technology at your school...you can set up MobyMax and send home login letters 
for your students to practice their skills at home.
Enter to WIN HERE.
Mrs. Bell

Dear Santa, I want MobyMax for Christmas {giveaway}

I recently set my students up on MobyMax. Currently we are practicing math skills.  My students logged in and took the math placement test in small groups on iPads. This test  determines what lessons your students should start with. I am having my students start where they tested, but you can also assign curriculum for them to practice.  After everyone took the placement test, I bravely had all 25 of my students log in on iPads to practice math skills. I was so surprised that the login process went well. I had them go through Safari, search for MobyMax, type in our school code and their individual user name and password. My backup plan was to have them click the home button and go to the kindergarten apps, so it was a hallelujah moment when everyone was logged in. A shortcut would be to create a button from the site. Here are a few pictures of my smarties practicing math skills on MobyMax...
You can just imagine me behind the camera breathing a big sigh of relieve that this whole process worked. 

After the success of our MobyMax lesson, I was thrilled with all the information this site provided. The back end of the site gave me information about what skills my students have mastered and what tasks they will be working on next. 

Things I like about MobyMax...
It is an individualized way to practice skills. 
The kids can earn rewards and game time after they practice their skills. 
If they get an answer wrong, they are shown the correct answer. 
It is a way to work on skills using technology.
You can send home a student login letter for practice at home. 

Things I found a little frustrating about MobyMax...
I thought that the pretest was a little difficult for some of my kiddos. 
(This is the reason why we took the placement test in small groups.)
There is A LOT to learn about this site. 
I feel like I have only touched the surface of how I can use this site with my students...
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Mrs. Bell