oink oink, moo moo

With an oink oink here and a moo moo there we are busy practicing for our farm musical. Check out our cows and pigs inspired by Deep Space Sparkle
Mrs. Bell

let it go...

The girls had a blast during free choice today,
but I am starting to hear this song in my sleep…
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Mrs. Bell


We have had a blast writing about our opinions. 
Our kindergarten musical is about a farm this year, 
so we have been writing farm themed opinions during writing workshop. 
Check out this unit my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop…
Check out some of our opinions...
Harrison: A pig would be a good pet because they are trainable. 
Gavin: A pig would not be a good pet because they might run away. 
Gus: I would rather drive a truck because it can carry stuff in the back. 
Owen: I would rather drive a tractor because you can step on the wheel. 
Mrs. Bell

my TpT favorite purchases

I wanted to share some of my favorite Teachers Pay Teachers purchase. 
As I went through my purchases I only picked the ones that I have 
absolutely no regrets about purchasing. I actually use all of 
Kim Adsit's reader's workshop units and of course I use all of
 the items in my Teachers Pay Teachers store too.
Leave a comment to tell me about one of your favorite purchases.
Mrs. Bell

so long Seuss

We ended our Seuss Celebration with pajama day and green eggs and ham. 
{The Seuss hats were a gift from Owen and his family.} 
We measured our feet, wrote a fish poem, drew some _ocket creatures in our pockets, painted crazy Seuss fish and tried green eggs and ham. We also did a lot of other fun activities that I didn't take the time to photograph. It has been a blast and we are super Seuss readers after our two weeks of fun. 
Some of us loved the green eggs and gobbled them up
some of us spit them back out on our plate. 
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Mrs. Bell